Selected Scripts
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Don't Say I Didn't Warn You! One Man Left Behind The Writers Block, Episode 1

Short filn noir style mystery. A private detective begrudgingly agrees to investigate the murder of his ex-fiancees new lover.

- 3rd top rated short script for November 2008 on
- Top Ten in PulpFest short script competition

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In a future struck by war, Private Dickinson is abandonded away from his team on his first, and possibly last, mission.

- Entered in TrappedFest short script competition

A sitcom about four socially inept writers stuck in a house in the middle of nowhere. Things go from bad to worse when the house becomes home to the world's largest rat.

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Guiness World Record The Indestrucible John Sedgwick White Rose
A local celebrity gives an interview to a journalist about his many failed attempts at entering the book of Guiness World Records.

Based on a true story.
A young cadet during the American Civil War is overwhelmed by the stories he hears of the amazing General Sedgwick.

A young girl goes on a quest to discover who keeps leaving her roses after the mysterious death of her boyfriend.